Aqua means water.
I love this word.

At the same time, I love to visit an aquarium.
I have few chances to visit one now, actually,
but it comforts me to see many fish or something other swimming
freely in the water.

Especially I love mysterious creature, such as
jelly fish


Heteroconger hassi, a kind of garden eel !

It's cute, isn't it ?
I don't like snakes, but they are OK!

They are somewhat floating in the water, shining in the light.
I'm wondering what they are thinking about.
I can't grasp the real nature of them.
Really mysterious.
That's the reason why I love them !


It's Funny

This is a traffic sign, which I found on the road near my house.
It's leaning !
Maybe, a car or something had hit it.
However, it reminds me of the dance scene by Michael Jackson,
from Smooth Criminal !


Slow Blues Gives Me Comfort

I've been visiting this live bar
almost every week for several years.

I love music and the people there.
Even when I feel a little busy and tired,
or I have something to worry about,
the music and friends comfort me.

At first, I only enjoyed listening to blues
performed by fantastic musicians.
In time, however, I began hoping to join their
music on the stage.
I started practicing the keyboard.
Yeah, I really thank my great teacher.

Though my ability of playing blues is still poor,
they are willing to allow me to participate in the sessions.

Many thanks for a happy moment there !
I would like to continue to play and listen to
pleasant music as long as possible.

I have to practice more and more !