Traveling Tells Me a Lot

Traveling always tells me a lot,
but my trip on the weekend had something special to me.

Sometimes nature terrifies us human beings.

At Naoshima, however, nature and artificial work
make a good harmony.

Which is true ? Maybe, both.

A friend of mine is now facing a lot of trouble
in Sendai.
But he never loses his calm mind and generosity.
He keeps a tender mind, really positive toward future.
He himself doesn't have a child, but
as soon as a store opened, he bought a lot of chocolate,
which he delivered to the children around him.
It's not a question of things, but a heart.
Even if he manages to lead a life in his car,
he doesn't forget about what comforts others
under such terrible circumstances
caused by the earthquake.

Human beings are weak, but at the same time, strong,
I realized.

Also I've found again how important the bond between
friends as well as between family members.

On the second day of my trip
I looked at the whole city of Kobe,
where a similar terrible earthquake took place
about 16 years ago, from the ferry from Takamatsu.
It has a vivid atmosphere now.

The people have made every effort to take back
their city.
It's infinite power of humans.

All that I have to do now is
get back to my daily routine with a calm mind.
In order to do that, on my way back to Nagoya,
I dropped in at AVRIL in Kyoto.
A great many kinds of yarn welcomed me.
I almost forgot time in choosing which to buy.

These are what I loved the most !