G' Day

I'm renewing this blog after a long, long absence.
To say the truth, I've almost forgot about it. www

I've been engaged in various things, so far;
for example, knitting, spinning, baking bread an so on.

Yesterday, I hit upon an idea.

G' Day is the name of my activities.

I don't call it a shop,
because I don't intend to open a shop actually.
I want G' Day to be the space and time
in which I can express myself freely.

Sometimes, I will present the yarn I make,
sometimes, I will show you knitted works,
and at another occasion, something that has occurred to me.

The rule is that "something" should have
a "three-dimensional shape"!

G' Day means "hello" or "have a nice day"
mainly in Australian English.

Trying to spend one day safe and sound
and finding something good on that day --------

I think that's really important for me and
for my family members as well as my friends
and students.

At the same time
I love corriedale, the name of sheep and its fleece
in Australia.

So, I've chosen "G' Day" as the name of my project.

Really, I enjoy planning this and that.

To begin with,
in achieving this project,
I want a logo mark fitted to my concept.

Yeah, let's start !