Traveling Tells Me a Lot

Traveling always tells me a lot,
but my trip on the weekend had something special to me.

Sometimes nature terrifies us human beings.

At Naoshima, however, nature and artificial work
make a good harmony.

Which is true ? Maybe, both.

A friend of mine is now facing a lot of trouble
in Sendai.
But he never loses his calm mind and generosity.
He keeps a tender mind, really positive toward future.
He himself doesn't have a child, but
as soon as a store opened, he bought a lot of chocolate,
which he delivered to the children around him.
It's not a question of things, but a heart.
Even if he manages to lead a life in his car,
he doesn't forget about what comforts others
under such terrible circumstances
caused by the earthquake.

Human beings are weak, but at the same time, strong,
I realized.

Also I've found again how important the bond between
friends as well as between family members.

On the second day of my trip
I looked at the whole city of Kobe,
where a similar terrible earthquake took place
about 16 years ago, from the ferry from Takamatsu.
It has a vivid atmosphere now.

The people have made every effort to take back
their city.
It's infinite power of humans.

All that I have to do now is
get back to my daily routine with a calm mind.
In order to do that, on my way back to Nagoya,
I dropped in at AVRIL in Kyoto.
A great many kinds of yarn welcomed me.
I almost forgot time in choosing which to buy.

These are what I loved the most !


  1. Today when I watched the TV, I was impressed a cirtain couple who lost whole their house. They tried to find out something, but unfortunately they could find nothing. Both of them began to cry.
    But I'm sure, they'll try to build everything from today. I want them to try the best.

  2. Dear Satoko:

    Yes, it takes a lot of time to take back
    everything, but unless they start, nothing
    will make fruit. I really would like them
    never to give up.