G' Day is Open !

G'd Day !

G'd is an abrreviation of Good.

It's an Australian English expression
used as a greeting, meaing, "Hi" or "Have a nice day."

This time, I would like to use it as a name of
my new brand covering everything I make.
For instance, yarn, knitting works, bread, sweets,
and so on.

I am never going to get money from that.
It exists only for my pleasure and satisfaction.
I just want to add some vivid impact to my hobbies.

Suppose I make something and give it to someone as a present.
If there is a tag seal of my brand logotype on the wrapping bag,
it will be all the more pleasant and exciting, I think.

It is also a kind of my policy
in order to enjoy my own life.

Welcome to G'd Day !

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