Another Mystery

How about this one ?


I hate my boss. He has a skin head, and is so annoying that almost all
of my colleagues hate him.

My flat is very old. There are only three rooms, a kitchen, a bedroom
and a living room.
One day I came back home from work, unlocking the front door and
entering my flat.
I was frightened to find that my room had been broken into by someone.
What a mess!
All of the drawers of my chest were turned down!

“I remember. I forgot to lock the door and went to work this morning.
Shit ! All the windows are locked, so he came in through the front
door. It's yucky ! I'm getting mad. On such an unlucky day,
I'm going to bed now. I'm tired. I don't feel like eating anything
for dinner. I'll call the police tomorrow,” I said to myself.

I made sure that the door was locked a couple of times,
and went to my bedroom.

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