Two Short Mysteries on a Hot Day

Since it's too hot these days, I'll send you two short mysteries which make you
a little cooler.

You are a detective. Can you tell the trick ?


One day, I killed my little sister, because she was crying and too noisy.
I threw the dead body away into the well in my garden.
But, the next day, I found it gone.

Five years later, I quarreled with a friend of mine on a trifle thing.
I killed him, and threw his body into the well.
The next day, I checked the well, only to find that his body was missing again.

Ten years later, I killed my girl friend, because she was pregnant.
I was drunken. I threw away her body into the well.
The next day, the body was gone.

Fifteen years later, I killed my terrible boss.
I did the same thing, and the body was missing the next day.

Twenty years later, I killed my mother because she was too fussy.
I threw her body away into the well.

The next day, I went to the well.

The body was there.

The following days, it remained there, at the bottom of the well.



I had five members in my family: my parents, two little brothers, and I.
My parents were very hardworking. They didn't seem to sleep enough,
but they were always working to support their family.

One day, on their way home from work, they were beaten to death.

Beside my mother's dead body, I found some food which she had intended to
prepare for our dinner. I was too sad to eat it.

The next day, my brothers were poisoned to death.

I don't know why they were forced to die.
All that I know is the murderer is the owner of our flat.

Maybe, on finding me, he will kill me, too. I'm scared.

Who am I ?


  1. it's so hard to solve this trick.
    tell me the answer!!!

  2. Dear Mayumi:

    Thank you for your comment!
    I'll tell the right answers through the
    direct message on twitter ! (^ ^)v