A Charm for Good Luck

At this time every year
I make it a rule to go shopping and get
several pairs of socks for my students
who are going to take entrance exams
to universities.

It's a charm for good luck!

And it's also a kind of pleasure for me myself
to choose this for him, and that for her,
hoping that they will try their best and play a
good hand.

I don't remember exactly why that should be a
pair of socks, but I've been keeping it as
my rule. (^-^)

Actually, that makes a difference and has good
effect, I believe.

Maybe, at the last minute after making every effort,
what they need is self-confidence,
that is, they should autosuggest themselves,
talking to themselves, "I'm OK."

I wish these socks can encourage them to be

"Yes, I can make it, wearing this pair of socks !"



  1. That's very nice rule and reassuring charm ;-)

  2. Dear Konitaro

    Do you think so, too?
    Thank you !!!
    This shopping also raises my motivation up !
    (^ ^)v