Stormy Thursday

(by Eric Y. Clap-Your-Hands)

Call it stormy Thursday,
but Friday's just as bad.
Call it stormy Saturday,
but Sunday's just as bad.
Monday's even worse; Tuesday's awful sad.

I caught a cold on Thursday,
Friday I went to see a doctor.
My husband began to cough on Saturday, and
Sunday my son had a high fever.
Monday, my husband and son went to the hospital,
where they found out that one of them had a flu.

And I say, "Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy on me."

But Lord doesn't have mercy,
'cause my PC got out of order on Tuesday.

Just trying to find the way to fix the PC,
will you please send me a good idea?

Or send me a new PC !

Lord, oh Lord have mercy, yeah,
won't you please, please have mercy on me.

Call it a stormy week !


  1. On my Thursday,
    I call it the same, stormy Thursday.
    My little car was chased by the patrol car.
    They insisted I broke the traffic rules.
    I've just ran a little bit faster because your car chased me.
    But I had to pay a penalty of 15000 yen for speeding.
    SO so unlucky day, it was.

  2. Dear Satoko:
    Wow! You were racing with a patrol car !
    It's amazing and exciting.
    You are a very active and attractive lady,
    aren't you ?

    By the way,
    welcome to my blog, and thank you for reading.
    Do you know its original song?
    It's a famous blues song named "Stormy Monday."
    Among a few lyrics, there is one written by
    Eric Clapton.

  3. Yes, I've ever heard his name.
    And my husband has his
    Yes, I've ever heard his name. Because my husband has his CD.
    I don't know that song.
    My favorit song is 'wonderful tonight'
    My husband recomended ' tears in heaven'

  4. Dear Satoko

    Yeah, I know "Tears in Heaven."
    It's my favorite !