City Ville

I've never got interested in such a kind of game
on Web so far, but
this time the situation is different.

These days, I'm pleased with City Ville on Facebook.

A friend of mine invited me to the game.
At first, I was wondering what it was and
whether it would interest me or not.

It suits me!

The best thing is that I can enjoy it for only five minutes
or so while I'm waiting for a student of mine to come to our
lesson, for example.
It's good to kill time.

Second, anyway, it seems that I love anything that I create,
say, make for myself.
I build houses, shops, or community buildings;
decorate streets with several kind of flowers or items;
arranging them as I'd like them to be.
I also plant crops and harvest.
I'm a mayor.

I'm easy to get tired of one thing(^^), so
I don't know how long I can continue playing it.
However, maybe I can enjoy for the time being ! ☆

Does anyone get interested in it?
Join me on Facebook.

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