Surrounded by Sound

Sometimes I can express myself better in Japanese
than in English.
Of course, it's very natural.
In other cases, however, I feel like describing
what I am thinking in English rather than in Japanese.

Today, the latter.

After two weeks' interval, I joined the blues session.

Because my family caught a cold one by one,
as you know through "Stormy Thursday" in my blog here,
I've been forced to stay home.

Today's session is called the "soft sound" version.
Not as usual, everyone sits and plays with low-volume.

The slow and soft tune comforted me.
I closed my eyes, and almost fell asleep.
But I was surrounded by pleasant sound
all the time.

Yeah, I was really enjoying listening to music
more than playing the keyboard myself today.

A happy moment, it was !


  1. Sounds great.
    You are really talented person in many field.
    While reading this, it seems to me that I am also in the same place, and I listen to your softly music. So nice.

  2. Dear Satoko
    Thank you, but actually, I'm not so talented.
    Maybe, I'm full of curiosity, and
    instead of being eager to do something,
    first of all I will try doing what I want to do. After carrying it out, I decide whether it
    suits me or not. In other words, whether I can do it or not.
    I have to say I failed in a lot of things.