Brooklyn Bridge

As you know,
The Brooklyn Bridge is a suspension bridge
over the East River, connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The first thing this morning,
I happened to find this picture in the newspaper.

Surprisingly, it's not a photo, but a hand drawing
by Mr.Yuji Tezuka, with the Japanese traditional style
of painting technique.

I'm fascinated with this picture.
Its title is "Rainy Brooklyn Bridge".

I don't know why, but I love this bridge.
It shows different looks from different angles.

The first time I stayed in New York,
I would always try to catch the sight of it
while walking in the city, but never reached it.

I wished I would really like to walk across the bridge,
and it was my assignment for the next visit.

In 1988, we made it !

Not a few people were walking, jogging and cycling.

We went to the end, and then came back to Manhattan again.
Only walking, but we enjoyed that walking.

When we visited NY two years ago,
we were walking on it again.(^o^)
It may sound funny,
but I love it just as much !

We are saving 500yen coins so that we can go there again.
I don't know when, but some day, definitely ! :-)


  1. Hello Yasukosan!!

    I enjoy winter vacation a little early.

    Second picture will be my favorite.
    It felt that it is inhaled into the center of the photograph.
    It looks like road of future!

    In NY heavy snow today.
    I gained the information on TV.

    JPN going to more cold too.
    Take care of your health.
    Wishing you a happy new year!

    I study English by your blog today.(^o^)

  2. Sorry Yasuyosan.
    Very very sorry.
    I missed typing...k...y..

  3. Dear Soul:

    Thank you very much for coming here again !
    Yeah, this picture is really nice.
    I was excited to find it this morning,
    because I did not know this painter.

    I wanna experience that cold, snowy winter
    in NY some day.(^-^)

    Have a nice winter vacation, and
    I wish you a happy new year.

    By the way, your Englihs is excellent indeed,
    so why don't you try beginning an English blog
    for yourself ?
    Practice makes perfect, and
    I'll be the first reader of your blog !