When I look up the word, "徒然turedure,"
in a dictionary, I find its translation
as follows:
--- to kill one's boredom ----

But, I don't agree with the conception.

Boredom ?

No, I am not bored.

Today, I have no work.
I've already finished preparing for dinner,
because some of my son's friends will come.
They want me to cook keema curry, so
I made it yesterday so that it would taste

So, I'm perfectly free now.
Never bored.

I don't remember when I had such a free time
I have nothing special to do actually, which
I really enjoy.

With a cup of hot milk and PC beside me,
I'm doing this and that.
Also a few kinds of knitting yarn are
on the table, and I'm wondering which to
choose for today.

And it's my “ture-dure” dairy.☆

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