What comforts me ?

I can’t go out freely under the circumstances,
for the time being, where a member of my
family needs my help because of her aging.
Since I’ve been leading busy days,
I feel all the happier when I find something
new and fantastic even if it’s a trifle.

I’m now thinking about what comforts me.

First, as you know, when I’m focusing on
my knitting and dying, I can find a big

This is Bûche de Noël.
The big brown one is my own making,
and the tiny white one was made by
my second daughter.

What I do on one day usually occurs to me
when I get up in the morning.
Sometimes knitting, sometimes dying, and
sometimes cooking, and so on.
In this sense, I have a feeling that I’ free.

Second, I love music and Slow Blues.
I can forget this and that,
and not only enjoy a lot of great musicians
but also communicating with nice friends
It’s a very important moment for me.
I also want to be better at playing the
keyboard. I need more practice!

Third, I feel really comfortable
when I am doing something over a cup of
hot coffee, listening to the sound of
the classical guitar my son is playing.
The sound is soft and melancholic.


Ah, I can’t stop.
That’s likely to continue endlessly.

Well, there seem to be a lot of things
I can enjoy. (^_^)/~

What should I do today ?


  1. That ’ s sounds good !
    I couldn't talk English very much.
    But I tring post the comment.

    I can talk with you by music insturuments.
    I’m confident that we will meet on slow blues soon.

    I beg my broken english.(GUT’s english ?) f(^_^;

  2. Dear Soul:
    Many thanks for your visit here!
    Your English is not broken,
    but amazingly splendid !
    Yeah, I'm really looking forward to seeig you
    some day in near future. (^_^)/~
    Also I would appreciate it if we could keep
    in touch. (^-^)